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    DIY Glamoats by Kerr Jollof

    Recently we hosted our first Glam yoga day at Urkraft dance school in central Stockholm alongside partners such as Acasia skincare, Melanin boxes, Mighty smiles and Wallderinska. We flew in the upcoming german influencer, yoga instructor and healthy vegan living guru Sally Jones (The Vegan Gambian) and kicked off our exclusive yoga concept afrobeatyoga! Our guest enjoyed three meals cooked and served by Kerr Jollof, a small family catering project that aims to offer West african traditional food, sweets and drinks to the public. Kerr Jollof had backing from Rynkeby who served their delicious ginger shots, Better you Sweden with…

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    Depend Eye Lashes

    Have you tested Depends false eyelashes? Which ones are your favorites? When I was organizing and cleaned a little here at home, I found a lot of false eyelashes from Depend, so I thought that I would show some of…

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    Turn your home into a spring tale

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    Couture Black – a fashion performance

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